16 Cu Ft Freezer w/ Healthlock


Add Key for Healthlock?

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Easy Maintenance

The combination of sophisticated concepts and high-quality, durable materials ensures that our refrigerators and freezers are virtually maintenance-free and very easy to operate.

Easy to Clean

Liebherr professional appliances are equipped with molded inner liners, with rounded corners and no hidden dirt-traps, making the appliances easier to clean. All appliances are designed and certified according NSF and ETL Sanitation standards.

Electronic Control

The easy to use electronic control system is equipped with default temperature range and humidity control programs, and controls the energy-saving defrost function as required. The integrated min/max logger records and stores the interior temperature for HACCP-compliant documentation at regular intervals. In cases of temperature deviations, the electronic control system triggers a visual and audible door alarm, thus protecting your products. The sturdy membrane keyboard is dirt resistant and easy to clean.

HFC Free

Liebherr Commercial appliances use the environmentally safe R 290 or R 600a refrigerants. In conjunction with highly efficient refrigeration components, Liebherr professional appliances achieve the highest possible degree of environmental friendliness and energy savings.


Food is frozen with chilled, recirculating air, while expelling humidity. As a result, the freezer is always free of ice, ensuring long-term freshness.