Cloud based DVR 4 Camera Kit


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You can now see your Micromarket Anytime, Anywhere.

Quickly and easily access your Micromarket’s surveillance footage from anywhere in the world with our new, cutting edge, cloud-based security system.
Downloadable apps allow you to view video directly from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Watch multiple markets on a single screen by setting up a wireless network of cameras in each location.

Forget having a DVR taking up space. These cloud-based cameras record directly to the cloud, so you don’t have to have a DVR in place. The cameras connect to a switch that provides data and power. Access your recorded video from any internet connected device. This kit comes with all of the hardware you need to get started out of the box.


Each Kit comes with:

4 Cloud-based HD Security cameras

1 POE switch

4 50ft Ethernet cables to connect the switch to each camera, providing both power and data

1 3ft ethernet cable to connect the switch to your router

Mounting hardware


(recording plans sold separately)


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