Micro PC Video Hub


Configuration *

The Video Hub will be pre-programmed according to how you plan to use the device. Please choose one of the following options

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  • Export video from an existing security system to the cloud server for easier access*
  • Display live video footage on a monitor* for enhanced security

Technical Specs:

Operating System: Windows 10 x86

Processor: Intel Atom x5

CPU Speed: 1.44GHz

Memory : 2GB

Bluetooth: Yes, 4.0

Wifi: Yes, 802.11ac

Onboard Storage: 32GB

SD Card Slot: Yes, Micro SDXC

USB Ports: (1) USB 2.0 / (1) USB 3.0

Use your Phone/Tablet as a mouse and keyboard by downloading the Intel Remote Keyboard app on iOS and Android 


10ft HDMI extension cable included


*Subscription required for each camera/channel

*Monitor not included

Displaying live video is only compatible with cameras that have a subscription to our cloud based recording (Traditional DVR/NVR exported to our Cloud service or Cloud Based DVR packages)





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