5 Shelf Product Pusher Kit


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20″ Depth Upgrade

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Our next generation system introduces the ability to reset planograms and cut-in new products while the shelf is fully merchandised. Using a patented slide and lock divider mechanism, full blocks of product can be effortlessly moved left and right and then simply locked into place with the flip of a tab—generating significant labor savings.
Our 5 shelf pusher kit comes with everything you need to add pushers to a 4ft fixture. Save time and make your Micromarket look nicer with these pushers.
  • Retailers can experience a 50% or greater labor savings.
  • Slide and lock pushers allow retailers to easily move multiple facings of product without removing inventory from the shelf, making cut-ins and resets a breeze and providing substantial labor savings.
  • Takes up nominal floor space on the shelf, resulting in no loss of vertical product capacity.
  • Built in pusher extender rotates up to 180 degrees to provide extra pushing support for wide and tall products.
  • Provides 100% visibility of the packaging.
  • Can be moved while fully assembled during remodels.
  • Standard 14″ depth with 20″ depth optional


Kit contains:

65 Center Pushers with divider walls

5 Double Pushers with divider wall (for larger products)

5 Left End Pushers

5 Right End Pushers

5 Front Rails