Spring Loaded Drink Pusher – 32oz (Pack of 6)


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These spring-driven glides always keep your products at the front of the shelf making them look fully stocked 24/7, offering your shopper an improved consumer-friendly shopping experience.

Depth Adjustment:

Our pushers have preset break off points to allow adjustability to different shelf depths from 17.12″–28″ deep.




Width Adjustment:

Our pushers are configured from both single and multilane trays. They are produced and sold in these configurations to provide planogram flexibility while maximizing the number of facings per shelf. Single or multi-lane trays, in any size, can be easily attached and detached to one another to accommodate any desired shelf width or planogram. 32 oz glides come in 4+2+1 configuration.





Lanes per Glide:7

Glides per Case: 6